Harvey Warfel

Harvey Warfel

Harvey Warfel, the Principal of Allegheny Twp. school in Weinels Crossroads, Pa.

In the background on the right is the garage my grandfather Charles Kunkle had. Farther back is the old yellow brick grade school where Frank and I attended first grade.

The old coupe at the left was a Star and belonged to Mr. Wm. Kettering.

Submitted by Roy G. Kunkle, Jr., photo courtesy of Frank

weinels school

Would you have any pics of the front the weinels school building? Would you have any school pics with a Elva Patterson in it....her mom owned the Street car grill at Weinels Crossroads years ago...Kathy

street car grill at weinels crossroads, pennsylvania

my mom and dad ran the street car grill in the fifties, I was actually born there, off the main restaurant in a room to the back! My father Vernon C Crissman drop race cars in the area, looking for anyone with pictures of the track or even him, he won many trophies and was i guess pretty well known. thanks for any information.

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