Stadterman Family

Stadterman Family

Front Row: Rita, Charley, Ed, Jr. Tom, Henry

Second Row: Nick Stadterman, Gertrude "Gertie" Stadterman Zaney, Charlie, Maggie, Margaret Thomas Stadterman, Ed and George Stadterman

Third Row: Mary Stadterman Jones, Jake Zaney (husband of Gertie Stadterman)

Back Row: Sarah (wife of Ed Stadterman), Bill (adopted son of Nick Stadterman), Marie (wife of Bill Stadterman), Buddy Cosgrove (stepson of Charles Stadterman), Celie, Julia (wife of George Stadterman) Mary Cosgrove Stadterman (wife of Charles Stadterman), Annie Nollen Stadterman (wife of Nick Stadterman) and Sophie Thomas (sister of Margaret Thomas Stadterman).

Submitted by Barbara Baker, great granddaughter of Peter and Margaret Thomas Stadterman, and granddaughter of Mary Stadterman Jones. Information supplied by Juliana Stadterman, daughter of George and Julia Stadterman

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