Punxsutawney, PA High School Orchestra 1928

Punxsutawney, PA High School Orchestra 1928

First Row, left to right, "Bill" Bradley, Catherine Henry, Lorraine Adams, Dorothy Goodman, Frank Myers, Everett Craft, Catherine Brown, Nick Meyo, Ruth Sutter, Orvis Clyde Hoffman, Ruth Cochran.

Second Row, left to right, Wilson Bryner, Anthony McGinnus, Walter Baird, Harry Lyons, Harold Cessna, Edward Leax, Joseph Haag, Wilbert Hall, Ernest Tessini, John Stear, Charles Weiss.

Third Row, left to right, Jules Wery, William Newcome, Arthur Wood, Mrs. Ferry, Walter Steige, Eldon Logue, Kenneth Barnette, Joseph Jenkins, Charles Smith.

Photo from the 1928 Mirror, Punxsutawney High School

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