Punxsutawney, PA High School 1927 Football Team

Punxsutawney, PA High School 1927 Football Team

Front Row, left to right, William Kingsley, Ben Jones, John Grube, Veto Rich, William McMillen, Capt. Edwin Getsinger, William Brown, Louis Roney, Alex Roney, Harold Curry, Theodore Curry.

Second Row, Ray Oliver, Glenn Tait, Kenneth Reishal, Raymond Bloom, John Knarr, Joseph Michel, Clyde Depp, Charles Simpson, Sherman Fagley, Paul Neff, Joseph Villella.

Third Row, Robert Smouse, Ralph Cochran, David Elder, Charles Knarr, Barclay Woodward, George Startsell, Joseph Catanzario, Francis Hilton, Lorraine Adams, Gordon Bloom.

Back Row, Russell Byler, Coach and Clair Carey, Faculty Manager.

Photo from the 1928 Mirror, Punxsutawney High School

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