Union City High School, Union City, PA 1933 Girls Basketball Team

Union City High School, Union City, PA 1933 Girls Basketball Team

Players who received "U's" for 1932-33 (basketball players who lettered in the sport). These girls are probably in the photograph:

Virginia Cross, Ruth Hadlock, Margaret Thomas, Mary Siverling, Anna Perkins, Paula Parker, Betty Miller, Esther Stevenson, Irene Shreve, Jeannette Ashton, Madolin Eldred, Jeannette Fuller - Manager

Which player is which and the names of the rest of the players -are unknown.

Photo from the 1933 Anvil yearbook of Union City High School

Union City High School 1933 girls basketball team

You may be able to identify some of these women by contacting Harvey Clough a 1970 graduate of UCAHS. There was a n old 1923 women's basketball trophy in theschool trophy case back in 1970 which I found in the back of the library, cleaned up and and placed on display. It had the members of the team listed on it and I believe Harvey's grandmother was on that team.
Regardless, this photo should be in the Union City Library.

1933 Union City BB Team

One of those girls was my aunt - Margaret Thomas. Born Oct, 1915 in Pittsburgh, Pa. She was the daughter of Harry A. and Sydney Spargo Thomas. She is now deceased.

1933 Girls Basketball team

The woman in the middle of the front row is Clara Durbin. Probably the coach of the team, and a High School faculty member.

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