Jacob and Leah Fields Norman Family

Jacob and Leah Fields Norman Family

Jacob and Leah Fields Norman and their children at Rice's Landing in Washington County on 4 Jul 1894 or 4 Jul 1898. July 4 was Jacob's birthday and being a holiday, it became a family tradition to have a picnic and general gathering of the clan on that day.

Standing on the banks of the river, from left to right are:
Calvin Norman
Jacob L. Norman
Leah Fields Norman
James W. Norman
Fanny Norman
Robert Norman
Harry E. Norman
Mary Elizabeth Norman

The family dog is asleep at the feet of Leah Fields Norman. His name is unknown.

The Norman family lived in Washington County during 1894-1898, but later moved back to Fayette County. Jacob and his Leah were born in Fayette County and most of the Norman family lived in Fayette County at that time.

I am researching Norman, Field, McCann and Helmick in Fayette County area and Jones, Mitchell, Overand and Oxley in Westmoreland and Washington Counties.

Submitted by Eric M. Norman, great grandson of Jacob L. and Leah Norman

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