Reading High School, Reading, PA Football Team 1957

Reading High School, Reading, PA Football Team 1957

Football Roster: David Tezak, Earl Horst, S. Richardson, Robert Lamp, Michael Brown, Robert Nelson, William Wentzel, Paul Iager, Peter Gable, Irvin Godboldte, Robert Marchut, Allen Barnes, Frank Lopresto, Stewart McAlvage, Joseph Gilmore, Dallas Zeiber, Louis DeAngelis, Joseph DeLancey, Mervin Wertz, Thomas Coleman, Carlo Margharito, Lewis Tezak, Lloyd Brady, Lloyd Oudinot, K. Thomason, Bertram Jones, A. Calvaresi, Herman Lowery, M. Vardjan, William Sauer, Dennis Green, Nick Odagis, Lawrence Funk, George Fry, Richard Schreiber, Richard Klein

Photo from the Reading - Lancaster Football Program, Nov 1, 1957

Oh Snap!

I go 2 reading high. And its da year 2008. I knew reading high wuz old, but DAMN! Datz really old. My mom was born in 1958.

class of 56 or 57

My dad graduated from reading high up on the hill in Reading. I am trying to find a yearbook or an image from the yearbook to see what my dad looked like when he graduated high school. If anyone in this picture looks at this site and remembers a Lester Boady, would you please email me. I would like to communicate with you to hear your memories of him. Unfortunately, he is deceased now; but I want to do something special for my mom at Christmas.


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