Narrows School 1903-04

Narrows School 1903-04

Narrows School, Connellsville, Twp., 1903-1904, H. D. Leonard, Teacher

2nd from left --Clark L. Ridenour (1888-1977)

Small girl in front of door (partially hidden)--Pearl M. Ridenour (1892-1974)

Names of pupils from school "souvenir" for 1903-04:

A. Grade:
Katheryn McLaughlin, Anna Komm, Anna Lachin, Ada Beatty, Clark Ridenour, John Kopf, Fred Bansberg, Louisa Oswald, Bert Keck

B. Grade:
Charley Lachin, Jakie Peters, Willie Lelash, Paul Kranock, Tony Barthau, Bridget McKittrick, Bertha Bodunsky, Bertha Broske, Pearl Ridenour, Pauline Boyd, David Long, Fritz Sautofsky, John Brosky, Robbie Stacle, Mary Obrosky, Amelia Puntek, Tillie Barthau, Minnie Obroske, Genie Moore, Ellen Boyd

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