Main Street, Clarion, PA

Main Street, Clarion, PA

Photo from a penny postcard.

Main Street looking west from 6th Street. Note the sign on the lower right for "Nail's Restaurant". Some history of Nail's Restaurant:

"George Nail and his mother, Clarissa Agnes Keefer Nail, established "Nail's Restaurant" in 1908. It was located in the Wilson block on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Main Street in Clarion, PA. George's son-in-law, Ralph Cyphert, joined in partnership in the restaurant and daughter, Bessanna Nail Cyphert, continued to operate the restaurant until 1950. The "Clarion Restaurant" succeeded Nail's restaurant in the same place."

Submitted by Roger Nale, great grandson of David P. Nale, who was a first cousin of George Nail

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