Concord School, Corry, PA Sixth Grade 1933

Concord School, Corry, PA Sixth Grade 1933

The sixth grade at Concord School, Corry Pa, in 1933. The students graduated
in 1940. This picture appeared in the Corry Journal in June, 2005.

Submitted by Marilyn McClellan Varrassa, daughter-in-law of Thomas Varrassa

Students in the Photograph:

First Row:

  • Messina, Frank
  • Van Winkle, Charles
  • Wojcicehowski, Victor
  • Messina, Tony
  • Gregory, Max
  • Sample, Jack
  • Hasbrouck, Gene
  • Strigler, Gust
  • Bjorquist, Junior
  • Bills, Leonard

Second Row:

  • Orn, Mary
  • Lutz, Marie
  • Armitage, Betty
  • VanCise, Betty
  • Armitage, Virginia
  • Brooks, Florence
  • Ross, Dorothy
  • Christiansen, Anna
  • Pirro, Jennie
  • Phillips, Marilyn
  • Gilson, Mary Alice
  • Shields, Mary
  • Doty, Martha
  • Bigelow, Dorothy

Back Row:

  • Valletti, Eva
  • Piccirillo, Jane
  • Lindsley, Phyllis
  • Kimmy, Marian
  • Taylor, Elaine
  • Lindsay, Veo
  • Lindburg, Kurt
  • Darnofall, Edward
  • Jessee, Maurice
  • Bigelow, Donald
  • Catalfu, Joseph
  • Kinney, Charles
  • Varrassa, Thomas

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