Harding School, Corry, PA Grades 3 and 4, 1938

Harding School, Corry, PA Grades 3 and 4, 1938

Harding School, Corry, PA, third and fourth graders, Oct 13, 1938.

Norman Street, first one on the left in the front row, was born in Corry on Sept 10, 1929. He lived in Corry until about 1947, and died Nov 17, 1984.

The front of the photo reads "Harding Grades 3 and 4 10-13-38".

On the back of the photo, this is what is written in Fern Munger Street's handwriting:

Top Row
Shirley Hicks
Bertha Dahl
Owen Hepler
Jack Lloyd
Robert Hillman
David Fenton
Miss Anne Wolford
Nancy Lori Meerdinck
Marion Goring

Middle Row
Howard Swanson
Dick Lindberg
Teresa Bogniak
Beverly Carnrike
Doris Rehnborg
Clara Lammers
Clarice Lammers
Donald Hurlburt
Laddie Grice
Dick Owens

Bottom Row
Norman Street
Elaine Hamilton
Frances Hillman
Marceline Robinson
Paul Clark
Anna Hepler
Mary Hepler
Jean Depew
Ellen Fenton
Santo Pate

Submitted by Mark Street, son of Norman Street and grandson of Fern Munger Street

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