J. E. "Ed" and Margaret "Maud" McClellan Family

J. E. "Ed" and Margaret "Maud" McClellan Family

J. E. "Ed" McClellan and Margaret "Maud" Moriarty McClellan and their children.

Ed McClellan was born in Strattonville, Clarion County, in 1867. The family moved to Marienville about 1885. In 1894 he married Maud Moriarty who was born in Forestville, NY, in 1867. Maud's family moved to Marienville in 1888. Ed operated the Red & White store in Marienville.

Back row: Ed, Gertrude, Francis (nicknamed Pank) and Maud.

Front row: Hugh (nicknamed Pete), Alene McClellan Jones, Dan, and Earla.

The child in the very front is Eddie.

The photo was taken around 1910 in Marienville, Forest County, PA.

Several of Hugh's and Francis' descendants still live in Marienville.

Submitted by Marilyn McClellan Varrassa, granddaughter of Ed and Maud McClellan and daughter of Francis "Pank" McClellan

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