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Philipsburg, PA First Grade Class 1904

Philipsburg, PA First Grade Class 1904

First Grade 1904 Miss Mary E. Ward Teacher, Philipsburg, PA.

Row 1: unknown, Ada Bressler, unknown, Margaret Iddings, Catherine Northamer, Catherine Henderson, unknown, Virginia Zerby, unknown, Ellen Garrity, Grace Moore, unknown

Row 2: David Ammerman, unknown, Harold Richards, William Hurley, Kathryn Clees, Wynoma Eboch, Hazel Lansberry, Naomi Wolf, Ruth Casey, Lilly Mays, Ruth Sweitzer, Esther Booth, Margaret Gill

Row 3: unknown, Ira Stott, unknown, Orin Vail, Steele Stonebraker, Donald Davis, Frank Gette, unknown, Mahlon Bock, Crist Miller, Joseph Denning, Malcolm Ammerman, unknown, Morris Segal

Row 4:  William McKinney, Thomas Richards, Donald Rumberger, Bert Nelson, unknown, Francis Reed, unknown Ward, Edwin Gustafson

Submitted by Kim Eboch-Lawson, great niece of Steele Stonebraker and Wynoma Eboch Stonebraker

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