Sober Family Farm House

Sober Family Farm House

Daniel Newton Sober bought this farm at a sheriff's tax sale in 1909.

It was originally built in the 1840s-1850s by the Daniel Hill Family and is said to be the second house built on the property.

The Hill family was an early pioneer family of Armstrong Co, Gilpin Twp, PA. They were noted for early Salt Wells and Grist Mills and Saw Mills on many streams and rivers in the area.

The house sits an a foundation of stone quarried from the farm and red brick kilned from local clay.

The house has eight rooms, all with fireplaces designed to burn coal, as it was easy to obtain in the area.

Because they were German, the original English style kitchen was in the basement that was finished and plastered with a stone floor.

The two large trees in the front of the house are cypress, said to be brought from Germany and transplanted from the first original house.

This house has been restored and loved by a local family.

Photo probably taken in the 1950s.

Submitted by Lloyd E. Sober, great grandson of Daniel Newton Sober.  Photo owned by Lloyd's Aunt Dorothy Sober.

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