John J. and Anna V. Bobal Family

John J. and Anna V. Bobal Family

Back row: George J. Bobal, 1894-1976; John J. Bobal, 1892-1961; Anna V. Bobal, 1862-1946; John J. Bobal, 1860-1930; Mary Bobal, 1891-1971

Front row: Michael J. Bobal, 1891-1934; Anna "Nanie" Bobal, 1903-1931; and Paul A. Bobal, 1900-1970s

Another daughter, Helen "Ella", 1906-1930, was born later.

Photo taken about 1905.

Many of the family members are buried in St. Bernards Cemetery in Hastings, PA. Only John is buried in Tennessee and Paul is buried near Pittsburgh. All others are near each other in Hastings...most in Bobal Family plot. John and Anna Bobal, possibly from Czechia, Moravia, or Slovakia arrived originally in Fayette, PA in the early 1890s, with one son who later died. They later moved to Hastings.

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