Greenwood School, Versailles Township, Allegheny County, PA 1938

Greenwood School, Versailles Township, Allegheny County, PA 1938

Listed as a New School Building in 1939. "A new elementary building called the Greenwood School has been erected in Versailles Township on a one-acre plot near the Log Run Road. This building, which replaces an old structure on the Snake Hollow Road, contains six classrooms and an office on the main floor and two unfinished rooms on the ground floor as well as an auditorium and a well-equipped kitchen. The side walls, corridors, and stairways are of tile; each classroom has built-in lockers; it is heated by hot air and has floors of mastic tile throughout. This modern building marks a great advance in the school facilities provided for the children of the district. The cost was $80,000.00 of which forty-five per cent was a P. W. A. [Public Works Administration] grant."

Photo and information from the School Report of Allegheny County, PA for the year ending July 1st, 1939

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