Gearhart Reunion

Gearhart Reunion

Gearhart reunion in Clearfield Co. PA, date unknown

Kenneth Owen Gearhart was the son of John Thomas Gearhart and Edith Stella Guiher. John Thomas Gearhart born Mar 27, 1911 Clearfield Co, PA, died Dec 30, 1999 in Akron, Ohio. Edith Stella Guiher born 1917 Clearfield; living.

John Thomas Gearhart was the son of George Thomas Gearhart and Mary A. Beam. George Thomas Gearhart born May 13, 1871, PA; died 12-3-1935 Chestnut Grove, PA. Mary A. Beam born Apr 13, 1872 Proter, Jefferson Co., PA; died Jan 11 1949, Grampian, PA.

John Thomas Gearhart and his youngest sister Kate are in the second row 5th and 6th from the left sitting on lap of a man who may be George Thomas Gearhart.

Many of the Gearhart children married in to the Bennet Family.

Photo from the collection of Kenneth Owen Gearhart

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