School Students in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, PA

School Students in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, PA

Submitted by Ken O'Neal, photo courtesy of Tony Keefer

Probably the Breakneck School, as many of names of the students are from that area.

Names on the back of the photograph:

Dead to 1950

Rosie Williams Gray
James Meadows, d. 1950
Daisy Longanecker
Kate Keffer Harshman
Grace Means Miller
Robert Fosbrink
John Fosbrink
Edward Wilson
Punch F. Harshman
George Kern
Martin Detwiler (George)
Nora Williams Detwiler
Ada Latimer
Beulah Grimm Patterson, Oct 1950
Clyde Longanecker
Maude Means Williams
Ann Basinger
Fred Herbert
Grover Fosbrink, Sept 1953
Daisy Longanecker [probably died 1950-53]
Edward Wilson [probably died 1950-53]
Bob Fosbrink [probably died 1950-53]

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