Reading Tri-State Baseball Team 1908

Reading Tri-State Baseball Team 1908

Front row: Barton, Clay, Lynch, Jack Lelivelt, Stroh and Files

Back row: John Barthold, Crooks, Emerson, Boice, Frank Baker, Shaugnessy, Weigand - manager.

Minor League Baseball Team.

M. Lynch and John Barthold previously played for Wilmington, according to the Daily Gazette and Bulletin, Williamsport, Pa, May 4, 1908. 

Frank Baker played for the Philadelphia Athletics (1908-1914) and the New York Yankees (1916-1922).  More on Frank Baker from The Baseball Page.

Jack Lelivelt played for Cleveland (1914), Kansas City (1915-17), Louisville (1918) and Minneapolis (1919).  He managed the Los Angeles Angels from 1929-1936.  Levivelt died of a heart attack in 1941.  More on Jack Lelivelt.

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