Sharpsville High School Students abt 1910

Sharpsville High School Students abt 1910

Sharpsville High School, Sharpsville, PA, students, probably about 1909-1910.

The names listed on the back of the photo correspond with the numbers in red
on the photograph; they are as follows:

  1. Prof. L. M. Green
  2. Dollie Koch
  3. Mabel McCracken
  4. Florence McKeown
  5. Edna Smith
  6. Mary Morrin
  7. Bessie Eckles
  8. Anna Hanley
  9. Marion Snyder
  10. Hazel Carter
  11. Grace Schell
  12. Grace Moody
  13. Mary Hoban
  14. Clara Williams
  15. Margaret Fair
  16. Julia Carnes
  17. Florence Jones
  18. Katheryn Anderson
  19. Irene Murphy
  20. Florence Hittle
  21. Jennie McKnight
  22. Hazel Kerry
  23. Thomas Morrin
  24. Fred Halsapple
  25. Michael McNerney
  26. Edward Koch
  27. Charles Woods
  28. Harold Kickson
  29. Joseph Conaway
  30. Malcolm Rumbaugh
  31. Joseph Nelson
  32. Florance Smith
  33. Walter Mehler
  34. Clarence Schell
  35. John Joyce
  36. Richmond Smith
  37. Reginald Tickner
  38. Joseph Sample
  39. Thomas Hanahen
  40. William Flowers
  41. Jesse Tope

Submitted by Kim Macklin, granddaughter of Katherine Anderson

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