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Harriet Adams Barratt

Harriet Adams Barratt

My great grandmother

Harriet Adams Barratt was born about 1860 in Braddock, Pa.

She married William Ezra Barrett / Barratt. She was a Full Connection member of the Beaver Falls Methodist Church from the church records 1886-1889.

She died May 2, 1896 in Beaver Falls, Pa. & was buried in Grove Cemetery, New Brighton, Pa. They resided at 620 13th St., Beaver Falls, Pa.

Harriet Barratt was the mother of:

* Gertrude Mae Barratt born Oct. 29, 1880 in Pittsburgh, Pa.
* Robert Duff Barratt born June 9, 1882 (twin son) in Pittsburgh, Pa.
* William Ezra Barratt, Jr. born June 9, 1882 (twin son) in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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