Sharpsville High School Class of 1924

Sharpsville High School Class of 1924

Unsure which grade the students were in when this photo was taken.

Second row, fifth student, Harry A "Dutch" Rapp, son of Ernest L. and Catherine Moore Rapp.

Third row, last student (far right), Clarence Roy Carr, son of Fred Roy Carr and Retta Scott Carr.

Class of 1924 Roster - these students are probably in the photograph:

Harry Ayre Anderson, William Richard Bilkey, Clarence Roy Carr, Clarence Roy Cranford, Paul Lee Cusick, Thomas W. Dolan, Samuel Koonce Gibson, Katherine Lloyd Green, Raymond Dean Hawk, Grace Ellen Heilig, Walter Paul Hoban, Maynard Milford Hofius, Nellie Elizabeth Lally, Angus Marsden Lamont, Florence Anne Lucke, Mary Louise Long, George Fitzmaurice Mahaney, Lloyd Russell Montgomery, William Kenneth McIntyre, Ruth Elinor Norman, Elizabeth Margarite Pitts, Kathryn Marcella Randall, Harry Alton Rapp, John Herbert Redmond, Alice Elizabeth Riley, Margaret Elizabeth Roberts, Walter William Roberts, Florence Marie Sabella, Joseph John Wasilko

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