Grove City College Class of 1925

Grove City College Class of 1925

Grove City College class of 1925, photographed when they were Sophomores in 1923.  

Akers, Martha
Anderson, Margaret
Albert, Geneva
Baltz, Thelma
Beckwith, Frank
Bertolotti, Henry
Besnecker, Henry
Black, Bertha
Briggs, Thomas E.
Brown, Harry
Campbell, Robert J.
Clark, LeRoy
Clees, William
Coyer, Howard
Cross, Amber
Cumming, Margaret
Duppstadt, Josephine
Evans, Paul
Fisher, Harry
Fleming, Willard
Forrest, John
Foy, Beryl
Frable, Mildred
Galloway, Jean
George, Ethel
Goehring, Arthur
Goehring, Donald
Guthrie, Dwight
Hammer, Glenn
Harker, Stanley
Harmon, William
Hartman, Joseph
Henry, John
Hershey, Emily
Hill, David
Hipps, Joseph
Holstein, Walter
Hoyt, Gilbert
Irvine, James O.
James, Edith
Jones, Howard
Klugh, Hazel
Koehler, John
Kramer, Harold
Leib, Gretchen
Lewis, Constance
Lloyd, Addinell
Lopeman, Charles
McCune, Mary
McDougal, Eleanor
McKay, Raymond
McLaughlin, Edward J.
Makepeace, Ruth
Marshall, Mary
Mawhinney, Jacob
Miller, P. Boyd
Minor, Eunice
Montgomery, Alice
Moon, Edwin
Moon, Isabel
Morrow, Rosanna
Murray, William W.
Oskin, Bernard
Perri, Margaret
Pew, Samuel
Post, Esther
Prichard, Llewellyn
Richards, Margaret
Roof, Gorman
Rossman, Vera
Russ, Isabel
Schaefer, Mable
Sheridan, Andrew
Smiley, Daisy
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Fay B.
Smith, Martin
Stabler, Evert
Stewart, J. Carroll
Strothers, John H.
Stubbs, John H.
Styers, Kenneth
Talling, Fern
Talling, Gladys
Teats, Jane
Thompson, Ralph
Trimble, Louise
Vanderlin, Myra
Vincent, Frederick
Vincent, Hazel
Wagner, Wilbert
Wallwork, George
Wellinger, Ann
Wiley, Warren
Wilt, Rozella

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