Grove City College 1922 Football Team

Grove City College 1922 Football Team

Grove City College football team for the 1922-23 school year. Football team members (in no particular order):

Howard Bible - Captain
Richard Hill - Captain-elect
Martin W. Smith* - Center
Benjamin F.H. Jones - Half and Tackle
Fred J. Putts - Guard
Roy Sakemiller - Fullback
E. Beach Abrams - End
John Bohlender - Guard
Charles Lopeman - Half
Jerry Fay - Tackle
____Brian - Half
Gus Porter - Tackle
Charley Keck
Joe Hartman - Fullback
Boyd Miller - Tackle
Malcolm Campbell - Manager
Guy M. Williamson - Coach

*deceased (died 22 Dec 1922, during the school year).

Photo from the 1923 Ouija, Grove City College yearbook.

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