Jamestown, PA High School Class of 1888

Jamestown, PA High School Class of 1888

Photo found in the archives of the Forrest family of Mercer County. The family patriarch John Forrest was a veteran of the War of 1812, lived in Plaingrove with his son James.

He had two sons, James and William, and daughters (names unknown). William and his descendants lived in Jamestown and are buried in Parklawn Cemetery there.

William's sons, Henry Hutchinson Forrest and George Forrest were Civil War veterans. One or more of the people in this photo may be a Forrest family member.

Submitted by Frances Keller, descendant of George Forrest

Forrest relatives

Would like to get in contact with Frances Keller who submitted a photo of the 1888 Jamestown, PA high school class. My great-grandfather was Henry Hutchinson Forrest, son of William and brother of George. Frances stated that she is a descendant of George. My grandmother was Emma Maude Forrest who married Grant McLaughlin.

Forrest Family of Mercer Co. Pa

I would like to contact any Forrest family member. My great grandmother was Eliza Forrest, dau. of John and Jane (Orr) Forrest. She md. Elias Alexander of Mercer Co., Pa

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