Port Allegany High School 1915 Football Team

Port Allegany High School 1915 Football Team

Football Team at Port Allegany High School, Port Allegany, McKean County, PA in 1915. 

Back Row, Left to Right:  Coach John B. Kennedy, Rowland Johnson, Anselm Miller, John Briefogle, W. Buck, Martin Larrabee

Second Row: Raymond Reznor, Harry Calhoun (captain), Joseph McCarney, Harold O'Connor

Front Row:  ____ Billingsley, Wilkin Lauer, Lester Farner, James Buck

Photograph from the 1915-16 Tiger Lily yearbook of Port Allegany High School

This Picture..PAHS 1915

This group of guys would have been a group of guys that my grandmother's older brother would have been friends with. This picture is a bunch of guys that my great uncle Edmond Sullivan would have been friends with. If you go to the next year, 1916, my grandmother's brother, Edmond Sullivan, is on the basketball team and is in a a similar picture. I used to collect old year books, and I had a large stack of them from 1916 up through 1939 or so that I donated to SW Smith Library. I pasted a sticker in the back cover of each one stating my name, year, Class of, etc. WHO POSTED THIS PIC? I would like to talk to you. My family goes back in that immediate area at least as far back as 1845. We grew up in an old farmhouse on Chestnut Street that was the farmhouse for the whole block at one time. The rest of the neighborhood grew up around our house from the mid 1850's to the 1920 's. Email me at Barrettaz at yahoo dot com. Thanks! Patrick Barrett

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