Alivra Ruth, Maurice and Charles Hunter

Alivra Ruth, Maurice and Charles Hunter

Alivra Ruth Hunter Patterson, two of her brothers Maurice and Charles Hunter. Charles is the baby. They were born in New Castle, PA.. Alvira and Charles died in New Castle, PA. Not sure where Maurice died.

Maurice Hunter & Aunt Barty

I am the daughter of Barbara Gorst Bortz, who's mother was Dorthy Elenor Hunter and grandmother was Florence Franklin Smith Hunter. My sisters and I are going through some pictures and came acrosse some old family photos and newspaper articles we are trying to put together. We do not have any pictures scanned at this time, but will share once we can. The picture here my mother believes are her Great Aunt and Great Uncles. Alvira Ruth was known to her as Aunt Barty. We also across the newspaper article that stated of an uncle from OK (John McCleland) who did not see his nephew (Maurice) for 43 years and they met at the downtown section.
Please let us know if this sounds like part of the family.

Hunter children

The other brothers and sisters are Jessie, Howard, James W, and Paul E. Maurice Hunter died Feb 1987. These as well as Alverta and Charles were the children of Joseph and Effie McClelland Hunter. Family tree is on ancestry.

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