Ford City, PA High School Basketball Team 1911-12

Ford City, PA High School Basketball Team 1911-12

Ford City High School basketball team, Ford City, PA, for the school year 1911-12.

Left to right, Coach Willliam W. Irwin, Harry "Dutch" Drury, Harold "Josh" Heilman, Ott Scheeren, Henry McGinley, Lawrence Sheilds, Jules Phillipe, and James Hammond.

Harold Jennings Heilman (24 Sept 1895 - 1 Oct 1978) was the son of William Thompson Heilman and Anna Louise Montgomery.

Submitted by Stephanie Heilman DeLeon, granddaughter of Harold Jennings Heilman

Thanks to Bill Olesak for providing the names of the coach and the players.

Ford City Basketball Team

Ott (Otto) Scheeren is undoubtedly my father Fred Scheeren's (1890 - 1962) Cousin. Otto's father was Tillman Scheeren, the brother of my grandfather Freidrich Scheeren who lived in Tarentum, PA, near Ford City.

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