Joseph Henry Davis

Joseph Henry Davis

Joseph Henry Davis and his wife, Esther Cornelia Woodruff, migrated to Missouri and stayed there about 20 years in a hostile atmosphere before, during, and after the Civil War.

They were the parents of William Woodruff Davis (16 Jul 1867 - 29 Oct 1935).
The Davis family, who moved to Mead Township from Bucks County, PA in the 18th century, descended from William Davis and Mary Means, who migrated from Ireland to Bucks County, PA. The family ultimately settled in Meadville.

There are two family histories, both of which are available: Davis Family History by J. Montgomery Seaver, assisted by Ella L. Davis,  Philadelphia: American Historical-Genealogical Society, undated; and The Davis Family: History of Descendants of William Davis and Wife, Mary Means by Thomas Kirby Davis,  publication data unknown.

Submitted by Jim Davis, great grandson

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