Bhyam School Meadville pa.

Bhyam School Meadville pa.

Byham School is located on the corner of Byham Road & The Franklin Pike

Byham School

The Byham School was loaned to West Mead Twp. by Homer Baird to be used as a school. It was owned by him and located on his farm. At a later date it was converted into a home for his use.

My Grandparents Lived Here

I was just reading some of my Grandmother Verna's memoirs. She is still with us, but Grandpa has passed on. They were married in June of 1942 and they lived in the Byham School for approximately 14 months. She had to move in with Grandpa's grandparents when he left for the war in 1943. She was newly pregnant with my twin aunts. Thanks for posting this picture.

Byham School

My grandfather was Homer Baird who owned the school. After he retrieved the school from the township in the courts we stored grain in it for a period of time and then converted it into a home for Homer and Iva. I remember digging a cold cellar underneath. Who are your grandparents? My brother has the bell that was used for the school.


hi my father ans mother had

hi my father ans mother had bought the old byham school i grow up the most my life since then my mother past away in 2011 we spent some time trying ti find info and pics about this old school is there any way u can help

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