Swanson Family

Swanson Family

The Ernest Christian and Augusta Caroline Peterson Swanson Family taken about 1921-22, in Warren Co., PA.

Front row, Left to right, Marian Norbeck, Clifford Sederberg, Clair Sederberg, and unknown.

Middle row, left to right, Sadie Swanson Norbeck, Frances Dale Swanson and her father, Ernest J. Swanson, Ernest Christian Swanson and his wife A. Caroline, Ida (Emil Swanson's wife), Abbie Swanson Sederberg, Lois Sederberg.

Back row, left to right, Curtis Norbeck held by Carl Norbeck (Sadie's husband and son), Edoff Swanson and his wife Grace, E. Fred Swanson and his wife Emily, Emil Swanson, Elmer Sederberg (Abbie's husband), E. David Swanson and E. David Swanson, Jr.

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