Unknown Coal Miner at the Cortez Coal Company Tipple

Unknown Coal Miner at the Cortez Coal Company Tipple

An unknown coal miner pushing the small loaded cars of coal along the rails on the tipple to be dumped into waiting railroad cars parked on the siding below the tipple.

Cortez Coal Company in Cortez, which was located on old Rt. 236 (Knoxdale Rd.) between Anita and Knoxdale.

Photo taken abt 1910-1920.

The Hampson family operated the Cortez Coal Company and built the tipple that crossed the road from one side of the valley to the other. Remnants of the stone abutments are still visible.

The train tracks were built by the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Co., who purchased the coal that was mined there and shipped it to Pittsburgh to be used in the iron and cokes mills.

The mine was in operation from 1901 until about 1930.

The property is still proudly owned by Hampson family descendants

Submitted by Marianne Fisher, great great granddaughter of the original owner of the Cortez Coal Company

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