Shenango High School, New Castle, PA Class of 1942

Shenango High School, New Castle, PA Class of 1942

Photographed when they were juniors in 1940.

First row: Martha Hogue, Flora Golis, Ellen Malinchak, Dorothy Donley, Louise Hay, Mary Louise Williams, Maxine Sweet, Helen Nastorek, Edith Fulvi, Mary Emma Duckworth, Vivian Cameron, Betty Krepps

Second row: Julia Laskolka, Genevieve Cochran, Dorothy Pitzer, Elsie Shaffer, Dorothy Robinson, Mary Ann Kraft, Betty Currie, Vera Mae Tanner, Margaret Baker, Betty Brown, Mr. Gerald Ball

Third row: Shirley Mayberry, Doris Woods, Martha Houk, Richard Donley, Florence Badger, Evelyn Mayberry, Mary Maricone, Mabel Staph, Inez Taylor, Evelyn Swogger, Ethel Park

Fourth row: Lois Wilson, Edwin Joki, Elmer Houk, Paul Mayberry, Don Kelly, John Roman, Charles Critchlow, George Suzow

Fifth row: Charles McCandless, George Lepisto, Stanley Majeski, Robert Miles, Carl Stembal, Arnold Whiteman, Nick Hordig, Don Stembal, Reese Thomas

Sixth row: Duane Workman, Albert Pavlich, Howard Walker, Andy Semansky, Bob Marks, Dave Francescone, Arthur Cline, Walter Druschel, Bernard Sherbak

Photo from the 1940 Shen-Hi Yearbook of Shenango High School

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