Woodland School November 1928

Woodland School November 1928

Woodland School November 1928 - newspaper photo and article:

Mrs. Elizabeth Lumadue of Clearfield R. D. 2 has provided the Progress with this 1928 picture of the first grade pupils of Mrs. Mabel Heath, teacher at the Woodland Grade School.

Pictured left to right:

Top row: Wilbur Maines, Johnny White, Steve Dides, Geraldine Peters, Lyell Peters and Wesley Snyder (my father)

Second row: Lois Kephart, Harold Knepp, Donald Anderson, Maynard Wisor, Dick Fink? and Elmer Stucke

Third row: Raymond Pifer, Wilbur Rowles, Ruth Dunlap, Unknown, Mary M. Herbert and John Linkerfelter

Fourth row: Elizabeth Lauder, Nellie Wisor, Althea Peters, Jane Johnson and Sonny Brittner

Fifth row: Francis Maraski, Leona Swanson, Robert Rowles, Isabelle Catherman and Rachel Wisor

The names of the students in the bottom row were omitted.

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