Ed Bartholome Family

Ed Bartholome Family

Ed Bartholome, Lillian Pattison Bartholome and children Florence, John and Frederic

Ed Bartholome and Lillian Pattison Bartholome were from the Union City, Erie County, Pa. area.

Lillian was the daughter of Albert Hamilton Pattison (b. 1848) and Ella S. Dumond Pattison (b. 1852). Ed was from France.

Their children were: Charles Crawford (my great grandfather, Nov 1871 -Feb 28,1938), Lillian (1873), Zphra(1887), Daisy (1877), Hattie (1875), Maude Edith (Apr 12, 1880 - Oct 20, 1899). Maude is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Union City.

Submitted by April L Worster, great niece of Lillian Pattison Bartholome

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