First Johnson Family Reunion 1946

First Johnson Family Reunion 1946

First Johnson Family Reunion held at Cascade Park on August 17, 1946, probably includes members of the Johnson, Duffy, Miller, Herberg, Cromie, and Keil families.

Recognize anyone? Please let me know.

Johnson Family Reunion

Mr. Keil, My mother's maiden name was Johnson. She was from Wampum, Pa. I would love to see the picture. I think she is the young girl crouching on the left in the front row. If it is her, her mother is behind her with my grandfather who died one month after the picture was taken. Thank You
Margaret Harsh

Girl in 1st row ( Johnson Reunion 1946)

Sorry, that girl was Margie Johnson ( Daughter of Bob and Ann Johnson.) That is ME(Fred Dunn) next to her. Son of Sue Johnson Dunn.

I have the names of some of the people on the top row. If you're interested, I can send you a copy with names.

Fred F Dunn

1st Johnson Reunion

I am very interested. Thank you.

Johnson Family Reunion 1948

My mother, Mae Cromie, and my dad, Howard Keil, are in that top row, as am I, but I was only 5 or so. I'd love to compare notes with you.

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