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Oil City, PA High School Class of 1930

Oil City, PA High School Class of 1930

Photographed when they were juniors in 1929.

Girls: Alda Andrews, Stella Armstrong, Edna Baker, Cleva Bashor, Betty Britton, Mary Browne, Ruth Bullock, Marion Bunnell, Marie Campbell, Mildred Carlson, Sarah Carrig, Eleanor Case, Ethel Cauvel, Jessie Clouse, Margaret Cole, Mary Joyce Coughlin, Dorothy Crocker, Florence Cubbon, Bessie Dodelson, Verla Doherty, Vera Eagan, Josephine First, Jane Fischer, Margaret Fitzgerald, Virginia Fleming, Mary Katherine Foust, Elizabeth Gehann, Marjorie Glass, Mabel Gleason, Martha Goodwin, Mary Guyton, Ruth Hadley, Louise Hall, Jean Hamilton, Janet Henderson, Clea Hickman, Virginia Hollabaugh, Phyllis Huth, Mary Inglis, Sara Kahle, Irene Kelly, Marie Kinney, Hazel Kluck, Beatrice Krug, Mary Leroux, Grace Lewis, Helen Olebelenz, Eileen Luce, Loretta McDonald, Louise McElhatten, Helen McElroy, Minnie Magdovitz, Dorothy Marcy, Ruth Martin, Della Matthews, Betty Miller, Margaret Mock, Edith Mohnkern, Dorothy Monks, Florence Montana, Mary Moran, Viola Motters, Eleanor Moyar, Geneva Moyar, Mabel Moyar, Josephine Noxon, Florence Nusbaum, Gertrude Olson, Mamie Ossoff, Isabel Painter, Jeanne Payne, Ruth Pfeilsticker, Marion Phillips, Mabel Pierce, Helen Pokoj, Alda Rairigh, Dorothy Reniger, Ethel Richards, Beulah Rodgers, Betty Rose, Eleanor Ruppersberg, Dorothy Shattenberg, Catherine Silvis, Lucille Silvis, Mary Ada Smith, Virginia Smith, Anna Snyder, Pauline Snyder, Sara Swab, Elizabeth Talley, Elizabeth Thompson, Lois Thompson, Mary Thompson, Janet Vickers, Alice Weaver, Eunice Williams, Margaret Winger, Florence Yorke.

Boys: Kenneth Anderson, Charles Ausel, Kenneth Barnes, William Barrett, Edward Baughman, William Bechtel, Ferdinand Baumbach, Robert Biltz, Philip Blum, Herbert Bouquin, Daniel Brown, Robert Campbell, Charles Carey, Russell Carrll, Richard Cavanaugh, Robert Clever, Dean Conrad, Harold Conrad, Howard Cook, Kendal Cook, Wilbur Crocker, John Crowley, Vincent Cunningham, Theodore Czajka, Francis Deegan, Daniel Dunlany, Charles Durnell, Louis Enos, Dallas Elwinger, Julius Fekete, Louis Ferringer, Theodore Finnecy, Paul Fox, Edwin Frazier, George Fye, Donald George, David Goldberg, Truman Gordon, William Hershelman, John Harriger, Jacob Ehyison, Donald Hill, Floyd Joslin, Raymond Kean, George Keely, Merle Keyse, Clarence Kiter, Charles Klock, Robert Krug, Frederick Kugler, Leo Levine, Morris Liddle, Wayne Louden, Charles Loveless, Robert Lowers, Alfred Ludwig, Lester Ludwig, Francis Lynam, Robert McAtee, James McCollum, Samuel McMullen, Eugene MacFarlane, Herman Magdovitz, Archie Merritt, Charles Middleton, Forest Moorhead, Elmo Murray, William Nelson, Philip Olmes, Charles Phillips, Edwin Pierce, Emerson Pressey, William Quinn, Joseph Ryczko, Wayne Sandrock, Edwin Schlicht, Kenneth Sebring, Theodore Shaw, Donald Shotts, James Scheats, Oscar Slesnick, Roy Sorensen, Charles Steck, Raymond Steer, Clayton Stevens, William Streeter, Franklin Strub, Eldon Talley, Stephen Verres, Ford Volger, Stephen Wardwell, Richard Welch, Harry Wensel, Tyler Wilkins, Theodore Yashinskie, Edward Yorke, Raymond Young, Brazil Zaccaria.

Photo from the 1929 Oil Can Yearbook of Oil City High School

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