Waynesburg, PA High School 1935 Football Team

Waynesburg, PA High School 1935 Football Team

On the team (and probably in the photograph): Edward McCurdy, Charles Rattigan, Lloyd Engle, Cecil Pettit, Harold Varner, William Garrison, Elmer Hileman, David Rodefer, Albert Howard, Carey Rush, Joseph Riggs, John Glass, James Scott, Nicky George, Alfred Mason, Carl Schreiber, Fred Tustin, Ralph Haught, Joseph George, Robert Inghram, John Calvert, George Clelland, Arthur Wright, Milton Jones, Oscar Alfred, John Blair, Melvin Biggs, Harry Duvall, Samuel Duvall, Matthew Paglisotti, Clarence Taylor, William Wallace, Stephen Henderson, Avarelle Lemley, William Meighen, James Moore, Robert King, John Kiger, Mike Joseph, Paul Hogue, Ralph Debolt, Harry Brumage.

Managers: Samuel Roberts, Reed McMinn, Owen Rittenhouse, Ewing Pollock, Willis Blair, Richard Tracy, Samuel Clayton.

Photo from the 1936 Yearbook of Waynesburg High School

Waynesburg, PA High School Yearbooks
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