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White Rocks of Fairchance

White Rocks of Fairchance

The 'White Rocks' of Fairchance, Fayette Co., PA They are well known in this area because of the tragedy that had occurred here on May 12, 1810. It was the Polly Williams Murder. She was murdered by her fiancé, Philip Rogers. One day he had asked her to go with him to Woodbridgetown to get married. On their way, instead of going there, he took her to the White Rocks, and attempted to throw her off the summit of the rock. She struggled with him and finally he picked up a rock and struck her in the head area until she was unconscious. He then dragged her back to the top of the rocks and threw her over. The actual rock that Philip Rogers hit her with is suppose to still be in the possession of one of the local families. Folklore around Fairchance has said that you can still see where she tried to hold onto the White Rocks to save her life.

I grew up right at the foot of the White Rocks. As kid growing up, we used to go looking for the finger marks that Polly Williams left in the rock where she struggled for her life.

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