Windy Hill Public School 1909-1910

Windy Hill Public School 1909-1910

Windy Hill Public School, Georges District, Fairchance, PA.

Photo taken the school year of 1909-1910.

The teacher's name is J. A. Wilhelm.

The 3rd child from the right side, front row, is my great grandfather, Ira Mitchell. In the first row of the girls, from the right, the girl with the big white bow in her hair is Ira Mitchell's sister, Josephine Mitchell.

List of School Students from a school 'souvenir' that the teacher gave the to children.

Pupils, A Grade
Aaron Hugh, Ethel Dougherty, Amadee Boord, Carl Hugh, Eliza Cooley, Deed Boord, Isaac Hugh, Russell Shanaberger, Waraic Forbee

B Grade
Alice Zerley, Anna Victor, Rose Deleare, Lissie Lilly, Earnest Shanaberger, Nellie Zerley, Jane Anderson, Mary Moser, Vernard Victor, Harry Cooley

C Grade
Palmer Swaney, Warren Hugh, Bryan Victor, Bertha Daugherty, Sylvia Cooley, John Mickey, Emma Victor, Nellie Kelly, Mazzie Victor, Dewey Cooley, Hiram Hugh, Ira Mitchell, Josephine Mitchell

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