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Vandergrift, PA High School 1958 Football Team

Vandergrift, PA High School 1958 Football Team

Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams

Front row: Bob Kerr, John Cesario, Frank Minik, Fred Williams, Arnold Pugliese, Leroy Rhodes, Luke Woody, Bob Curci, Denny Soulier, Gary Lucas, Zears Miles

Second row: Darrell Zalenski, Ralph Russell, Harold Heckman, Frank Ignaczak, Paul Woodard, Jim Patterson, Charles Zarganis, Jim Notarnicola, Bob LaSpad, Doyle Stephenson, Clarence Russell, Rich Zanewicz

Third row: Larry Facchine, Frank Calizzi, Andy Holm, Jerry Kallock, Ken Matonic, Frank Durancik, Ed Lopata, Jerry Sterlitz, John Wilson, Lou Hutcherson, Ed Mosley

Not shown: Fred Zanoli, Jim Morandini

Photo from the 1959 Yearbook of Vandergrift High School

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