Walthes or Walter Smith

Walthes or Walter Smith

Most likely Walthes (Walter?) Smith b. 1839 NY, husband to Julia Coleman b. 1840 Ire; per 1880 census Erie, Erie, PA. He is listed as a Superintendent of Coal Dock .

taken at the Morand studio after 1876.


Does the back of the photo have the photographer's address by any chance? According to "Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers, 1839-1900" by Linda A. Ries and Jay W. Ruby, Morand is recorded in Erie at 7th State 1885-6 and at 702 State from 1888-90. From the style of his tie and wing collar, I would guess this is close to 1890. His wife's clothing in the companion picture is classic late 1880s.

Another way to tell the date of the photo is by the color. If it has a very white or almost pinkish tint, it's likely to be later. If it is this color, it's probably not earlier than about 1890. Earlier photos are very yellow.


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