Thomas C. Clark and Leah Boyer


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Thomas Clark's second wife.

I have information to add to this page. Thomas Clark, after Leah died in 1889, married Ruhama Liston Doran b 1850 d Dec 31, 1926 Salem Oregon. Ruhama is my husband's great grandmother. Ruhama Liston married Francis Doran who died in 1883. They had several children. Ruhama being 33 years old, when he died, married Thomas Clark in 1893. (She would be 43 years old at that time...Thomas would have been 65 yrs at the time of their marriage) Ruhama had a child Jessie E. Clark (Lowe) May 21, 1891. The child was around 2 when they married. She had the name Clark, so Thomas must have adoped her. After their marriage they had two more children. Bessie Grace Clark b Aug 1894 and Thomas M. Clark b Jan 1897.
I question this picture being Leah with Thomas Clark. Look at the ages of the two shown. The lady is clearly much younger than the man. There was only a little over a years difference in Leah and Thomas's age. I know people didn't write names on the back of pictures and I believe the picture may have said Thomas and wife. Someone who didn't know he was married the second time, may have taken for granted this was Leah. I believe this is Thomas and Ruhama's wedding picture. She being 43 and he being 65.
That's what I think!! I welcome any other coments on this matter. Would love to hear from some of the grandchildren or greatgrandchildren of Leah and Thomas Clark.

Posted by Janice Dyer Doran (not verified) on 13 June 2012 - 3:38pm
Tom and leah clark ancestry

You made a good point about Tom clark remarrying. I believe you are right because I remember this in my notes and the name Bessie too. I will revisit this and further research it.
The posted picture is mine, not Jim walton's. I am the great granddaughter of George Harvey clark. I plan to dig out the photo to see if writing is on the back.
I found Tom Clarks grave in sistersville wv and not yet found leah Boyer Clarks grave. I inherited a picture of the grave stone and will look again for it in warren or garland pa soon. My last trip was in 2011.
Also I know where Tom Clarks parents are buried and visit their graves when I am in the area.
Thanks for sharing info. Perhaps we can exchange more.

Posted by sue (not verified) on 8 September 2014 - 10:11pm
Clarks from Tyler County, Sisterville, West Virginia

I am interested in the genealogy of Thomas C. Clark. My great grandparents lived in Sisterville, W. Va. in the late 1800 and early 1900's. I am trying to find their line back. John is my great grandfather born in 1837 and Eliza Calhoun is my great grandmother. Any help would be appreciated. They are buried in Sisterville. Dee

Posted by Dee (not verified) on 20 April 2013 - 4:03pm
Tom and leah clark ancestry

Only Tom is buried in sistersville. The stone is black granite and has held up well. My great grandfather paid for it. His wife, leah, who was from warren is buried either in garland or warren pa. I have a picture of the grave stone and couldn't find in in 2011 but plan to look again on my next trip. It is possibly broken.
I am the owner of the picture in this post not Jim walton.
I will look again at my clark family tree to see if there a relation.

Posted by sue (not verified) on 8 September 2014 - 9:57pm

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