Twins Edward and Samuel

Twins Edward and Samuel

Written on the back of the photograph: "For Eliza Jane Hamill - Edward Reid and Samuel Orvile [?], They are only 6 month's old."

Photo from an old Album given to Eliza Jane McCune Hamill by her Aunt Maria Getty. Eliza and two of her sons came to America about 1870-75. They came from Ballymoney, Northern Ireland to Philadelphia, where they stayed with relatives until her brother James Bell McCune came to get her and the boys to take them to relatives in Allegheny City, Pa, then on to Iowa to meet her oldest son Samuel, then travel on to the Palouse country of Washington.

Photo by J. W. Hurn, 1319 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Do you recognize the twins? Do you know more about them and their family? Please let me know.

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