Mullan Family 1910

Back row, left to right:

Mary Agnes Williams Mullan, sitting, b. Feb 16, 1829 d. Mar 19, 1912, mother of James M. Mullan, Ellie Mary Mullan (b. Feb 16, 1829 d. Mar 19, 1912), and Susie Alice Mullan (b. Feb. 11, 1863 d. Jan 13, 1922).

George William Metz, standing, b. Dec. 18, 1882 d. Aug 14, 1950, father of Katherine Keck, his oldest child

Ellie Mary Mullan Metz, standing, b. Dec 28, 1856 d. Nov 18, 1931, mother of George William Metz

Second row, sitting on the edge of the porch:

Susie Mullan

Rev. James M. Mullan

Minnie Mae Shupe Mullan, wife of William Carson Mullan, mother of Tom Mullan

Belle Keck Metz b. Mar 3, 1879 d. May 2, 1962, wife of George William Metz holding Katherine Keck Metz, their oldest child b. Oct 22, 1909 d. Jul 26, 1970

Front Row, sitting on the steps

Kenneth Mullan, son of Rev. James Mullan,

Tom Mullan, son of William Carson Mullan

Photo taken Spring 1910 on the front porch of the Mullan home in Fort Louden, Franklin County, PA, on the occasion of the baptism of Katherine Keck Metz.

Submitted by Jean Ann Shields, granddaughter of George William and Christina Belle Keck Metz

Mullan Family 1910

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