Shirey Reunion 1914, Part 3

Shirey Reunion 1914,  Part 3

Section three of a long panorama photo.

Shirey Family Reunion held at a park in Greensburg, PA on August 13, 1914. The photographer set the camera, turned it on and ran to the right side until the camera rotated beyond him and then ran behind the others and is on the left side of the photo as the camera completed its rotation.

At the age of 14 months, Erma Grace Nichelson, is the youngest on this photo. Her mother, Ella Mae Shirey Nichelson, is holding her right behind the white bearded man with a hat sitting near the center of the photo. Her first cousin, Leone Shirey, is 18 months old and in the arms of her father, LaFayette Shupe Shirey, wearing a dark hat in the photo.

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