John L. and Crissie Mohney Cribbs Family

John L. and Crissie Mohney Cribbs Family

John Lewis Cribbs and Susannah Christina "Crissie" Mohney Cribbs and their sons on Penn St. in New Bethlehem, PA about 1893

The men standing behind John L. and Crissie are all of their sons. From left to right:

Edwin V. Cribbs
Curtis Cramer Cribbs
Frederick Cribbs
John L. Cribbs Jr.
Rosswell Cribbs
Daniel O. Cribbs
Meade Cribbs

John L. and Crissie also had another son and a daughter, their first born, twins, Charles and Elizabeth. They were born in March of 1868 and they died in 1872 at the age of four from a terrible diphtheria outbreak in New Bethlehem area. Charles was named for John L's brother, Charles W. Cribbs.

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