Curwensville, PA High School Class of 1930

Curwensville, PA High School Class of 1930

Photographed when they were freshmen in 1927. In the class (and probably in the photograph):

Section A: Florence Ardery, Irene Benson, Catherine Berdine, Mona Bloom, Ruby Conrad, Ruth Fleming, Ruth Garman, Blanche Garman, Rebecca Hile, Sara King, Margaret Leathers, Sara McFadden, Florence McKinley, Margaret McKinley, Natalie Maines, Josephine Mayersky, Beulah Norris, Blanche Norris, Wanda Pannacci, Frances Slimocosky, Rhoda Smith, Ruth Smith, Margaret Way, Zetta Whitaker

Glenn Askey, James Bonsall, Blair Clouser, Clarence Conway, Lynn Daugherty Jr., Gwynn Freeman, Ralph Gourley, Miller Haag, Frederick Harley, Abner Knepp, Joe Kopec, Dominic Petro, Frederick Pride, Eddie Pannacci, Guy Richards, James Williams, Robert Yaccabucci, Adolph Schlappi (moved away).

Section B: Wava Appleton, Ann Blair, Mildred Bloom, Edna Caldwell, Dorothy Davidson, Catherine DiPalma, Alice Hale, Helen Heitsenrether, Helen Isenberg, Mabel Leight, Dorothy Luzier, Pringie Maietta, Betty Mallon, Elizabeth McCloskey, Verna McGarvey, Mary McLaughlin, Margaret Moore, Maxine Moore, Violet Moore, Florence Robinson, Bernadett Shirk, Hazel Shafer, Evelyn Williams

Warren Ardary, Melvin Birescki, Gilbert Bloom, Thomas Bloom, Thomas Cameron, Karl Dahlin, Howard Deters (entered April 1), Grant Frankhouser, Richard Martin, Joe Miele (entered Dec 1), Robert Maines, Robert McNaul, Alvin Milligan, John Middleton, James Murphy, Wilberton Neff, Charles Pentz, Curtis Richards, Harry Shafer, Earl Strickland, Frederick Sweney, James Tenon, Desmond McLaughlin.

Photo from the 1927 Echo Yearbook of Curwensville High School

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