Westover, PA School Fifth and Sixth Graders 1924

Westover, PA School Fifth and Sixth Graders 1924

Miss Gladys Fry taught the Third Room class of fifth and sixth graders in 1924.

Fifth graders (in no particular order): Ruth Rock, Ruth Enterline, Margaret Barto, Isabel Fronk, Leone Westover, Katherine Neff, Emma Rishel, Charles Potts, LeRoy Thomas, Dwayn Roland, Russel Kitchen, Everet Wagner, Kelley Wagner and Willis Mock.

Sixth graders (in no particular order): Bertha Ashcraft, Mamie Solley, Eunice Metzger, Eunice Smith, Margaret Wagner, Helen Wagner, Helen Fry, Effie Mock, Pearl Reed, Louise McClosky, Olive Moore, Dallas Wholaver, Carl Wagner, Leonard Westover, Bruce Westover, Feldman Wagner, Ardrey Ferguson, Eddie Brill and Dean Woods.

Photo from the 1924 Ludae Memoriae, published by the students of Westover High School, Westover, PA.

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