William B. Hagerty

William B. Hagerty

William B. Hagerty, aka "Captain Billy" was born 10 Apr 1828 in Fayette Co., PA, the son of Samuel Hagerty and Elizabeth Blaney/Blayney and grandson of Mary Hagerty, an 1801 emigrant to PA from Ireland.

In 1850, he married Keziah Geho, daughter of George Geho. They became the parents of eight children.

Captain Billy was a Shipwright and a ferry boat captain. He died 22 Dec 1901 in Seattle, Washington, where he had adventured to build boats for the Gold Rush. He is buried in the Monongahela Cemetery, Washington County, PA.

Picture found in the home of deceased descendant Olive Hagerty in 1998. Notes on the marriage were handwritten on the back of the picture.

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